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Hello world!


I’m Lynn Sutherland, a founder of VrStorm, the first Canadian cloud Infrastructure as a Service provider.  I’m going to use this blog to communicate some of the things we’ve learned from building the technology, the business, and understanding the cloud landscape, or should I say, cloudscape.

We started the company in April 2009 when we realized that there were no Canadian cloud providers.  The reason that this is important is that Canadian privacy laws are different that US, or other countries, laws.  Where you keep your data in the cloud is important if you care about privacy.

We also wanted to build our cloud using open source, emerging standard APIs, and make it easy to use.  This allows it to be more flexible and to adapt as the cloudscape develops.

Even though we all see reference to clouds everywhere these days, it is still early days.  There are lots of early adopters using a cloud or virtualization or Software as a Service now, but the vast majority are still on the ground using old paradigms.

I’ll write some articles about different types of clouds, case studies, user tips.  I hope it’s helpful on your journey through the cloudscape.